Monday, September 6, 2010

Ta-BooYa and Ta-BooYa Lite are available for download from Android Market.

Ta-BooYa is two exciting games in one!

Play Ta-BooYa Traditional - a classic party game that will entertain for hours. Get your team member(s) to guess a word or phrase without saying any of the forbidden words. Choose up to 10 taboo words per card for a greater challenge. If you get stuck, you can use your Lifeline.

Ta-BooYa Traditional demo:

Play Ta-BooYa Reverse, where clues are displayed one at a time and you must guess the word or phrase in a race against the clock. Great for 1-2 players. Voice recognition enabled! Both come with extensive game options, including number of teams, timer length, play by points or by rounds, number of free skips, and number of lifeline words.

Ta-BooYa Reverse demo:

Ta-BooYa Lite (Traditional and Reverse) comes with 150 electronic game cards. The full version of Ta-BooYa has over 1000 cards and is available for only $1.99.

App Credits:

Lead Developer: Mark Buckner
UI Designer/Artist: Jay-E Emmingham
UI Designer/Artist: Zach Emmingham
Wordsmith: Linda Palmer
Wordsmith: Gabe Papish
Artist: Garth Meyer (

The name Ta-BooYa is loosely based on the Chinese language. In Chinese, Ta Boo Ya can be translated to “he doesn’t want” or “he can’t have”, and Ta Ya means “he wants” or “he can have”. “Ta-BooYa” is two games in one. In the traditional game, the player describing the word or phrase can't use certain words or phrases in the process. If the rule is violated, “Ta-BooYa!” is proclaimed to remind that the players can’t have those clues. However, the reverse game involves the players receiving clues one at a time in order to guess the blank word or phrase.
Note: The game "Taboo" is a registered trademark of Hasbro. This application is not associated with Hasbro or Hasbro's "Taboo" product.



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