Friday, October 22, 2010

Ta-BooYa Weekend Update

Ta-BooYa is being updated this weekend to display properly on small low density screens.  Previously, the buttons had been cut off at the bottom.  Devices include HTC Tattoo, Motorola Charm, and a few others. 

Also, the intro video is being removed.  It was freezing on Android 2.1.  It also takes up a good amount of space and delays app start by a few seconds.  The intro video may return at some point but we want to see how Ta-BooYa players respond to this change.

For new downloads of Ta-BooYa Lite, the numbers of cards has been reduced to 150 (from 200 previously).  This will not affect existing installs, so you can update Ta-BooYa Lite and still have the original 200 cards.  The $1.99 full version still has over 1000 cards.

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